Over the past few years I’ve compiled the best-of-the-best
sounds from my productions.
Now they are available to you.


Whether you want to take your productions

to the next level or just want to jump-start following

your dreams to be the next big producer,

I can help you!


My name is Nikroma and I am an Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Producer, and Teacher based in Southern California. I currently have 2 ongoing projects; NIKROMA and KROMAGON. My first act NIKROMA was seeded in the Socal underground and desert scene around 2007. It focuses on the techy side of things with lots of interesting sound design, familiar song structure, and sub driven basslines while keeping the BPM between 120-130. My main act KROMAGON aims to be on the opposite spectrum focusing on dark, heavy, and driving Progressive Zenonesque Psy ranging from 132-142. Both projects have been signed to the world-renowned label Zenon Records. I’m also Mastering all kind of Electronic Music which is where my Audio Engineering knowledge comes into play. I offer Stem Mastering to anyone interested in taking that step. Finally I have found a new joy in life and that is through Teaching Music Production. If you are interested in Learning Tips and Tricks, or just want to take your first steps into Music Production, please don’t hesitate to check out my One on One Sessions page on this site! Cheers guys!